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Available Hedgehogs

Last Updated:

Waiting list is OPEN! Go to our waiting list page for more

information. You may place a deposit below when you are ready. 

Current and Expecting Pairings ~View our Herd page to see parent colorations

- Honeydew x Thanos - 2/9/24

- Fauna x Little Foot - 2/11/24

- Zahra x Rafiki - 2/12/24


Next litters due in early/mid March!

What's Included...

 All babies at Hedgehog Heaven come with:

     -  Lifetime Warranty for WHS (please refer to our policies for more information)

     -  Lifetime support 

     -  6 Month Congenital Health Disease Guarantee

     -  Starter food

You will need to bring a way to transport your baby home for

in-person pickup or purchase one of our take-home containers for $25. 

For an idea of prices based on coloration, look through past sold babies below.

The $50 deposit will credit towards these prices. 

Babies are individually priced based on color and personality. Photos are taken in the best possible lighting, but the color may appear different in person or as the hedgehog ages. Colors are not guaranteed. Babies will be allowed to go to their new homes when they reach 200g.

We will occasionally have juvenile and adult hedgehogs up for adoption as we retire them from our breeding herd. Only hedgehogs less than a year old and born here at Hedgehog Heaven come with our health guarantee. 


If you'd like to get on the waiting list for future litters or find out more information

please visit the waiting list page. People on the waiting list have priority pick.

Any remaining babies or retired adults will be posted below!

You will be asked to pay for transport when reserving your baby. THIS IS NOT YOUR HEDGEHOG REMAINING FEE!! Choose ground transportation or in-person/local pick-up. Local pick-up is free! When you check out it may automatically put ground transportation, change the shipping to local before checking out if you are picking up in person! 

Transport Options

Go to our transport page for more information and how each transport is operated!!

Click Here for transport page

Meeting transporter at set location - $75

Hedgehog Heaven: Alabama transport- $125

Hedgehog Heaven: Bordering States - $150

Hedgehog Heaven: Texas transport - $175

Door to Door Transport - $225 

To reserve an available baby, there is a

$53 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit ($3 is an app processing service fee)

$50 will credit to the total price of your hedgehog.

Once you have placed a deposit to reserve a baby, we will contact you shortly to confirm the purchase. Please give at least 48 hours (two business days) for a response. If you don't get a response after 48 hours, please contact us to make sure your deposit went through. We have the right to make the baby available again if we do not get a response from you after 72 hours.

Read the policies page before placing a deposit to reserve a baby!



We do not condone backyard breeding or irresponsible breeding. Gender does NOT matter when it comes to a hedgehog's personality. Even if you aren't planning on breeding, accidental litters can happen and can be 100% avoided if you do not get opposite-sexed hedgehogs in the first place. If you breed irresponsibly, without lineage, then you are contributing to increasing the chance of producing hedgehogs that carry Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. Please don't breed irresponsibly! 


We only sell breeding pairs to pedigree or USDA breeders. If you are a pedigree or USDA-licensed breeder and are interested in our hedgehogs, please get in touch with us :)! 

Available Hedgehogs

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