Our Herd

We have retained a VERY small herd of 5-6 hedgehogs. This is due to things going on in our lives and for our hedgies to be provided the best care possible while socializing the babies properly. Please note this means we will have LESS litters a year. Quality over Quantity is everything to us.

Meet the hedgehogs behind Hedgehog Heaven! Our herd initials are HEVN

We are registered with: 

- THP Registry

- Hedgie List

Why only pedigree? 

Having only pedigree hedgehogs allows us to track each hedgehog's lineage several generations back to ensure our lines are not inbred. In fact, our database goes as far back as 60 generations to provide us with the most accurate data! When most breeders only check back as far as 5-8 generations. Domestic hedgehogs in the United States have a small gene pool, by tracking lineage we can ensure that we are not inbreeding two hedgehogs that may have the same close relatives. By doing this, we lower genetic health issues as well as improve the health of our herd and overall hedgehog species!

We are still updating this page! More info to come, enjoy the hedgehogs in our herd that are posted below! Contact us if you are interested in a certain color or pattern.

We may have a litter due soon that fits what you are looking for. 


HEVN King Koopa

DOB: 01-05-2022

Full Mask Apricot 

Born here at Hedgehog Heaven!



BBH Taloola HEVN

DOB: 12-13-2021

High Pinto with Standard Mask

Born in Michigan!

taloola 1.jpg


DOB: 07/08/2021

Dark Caramel Full Mask 

Born at DKG Pokey Hog in Michagan


Rosea .jpeg

HEVN Ioana 

DOB: 03-04-2022

Chocolate brown with quad mask 

Born here at Hedgehog Heaven!


Coming Soon! 

Hedgehog Heaven Logo no backgrounf.png