Ground Transport and Air Travel Information

We offer TWO types of transport ~ Air Travel and Ground Transportation. 

There are pros and cons to both.

Air travel-

Pros: Get your baby the same day and less stress on animals. Can pick up the animal at the designated location at a set time, no guess on when and where to be! 


Cons: More expensive, no one to check on babies during travel (but less travel time). Hedgehog is in cargo area, but we will make sure your baby is comfortable for the trip! There are weather restrictions. 

Ground Transportation- 

Pro: Hedgehog is checked on and has someone with them in an air-controlled van. 

Cons: Can be stressful due to hedgehog on route longer (potentially 1-2 weeks, communication can be spotty from transporters, have to be home to pick up hedgehog when transporters are available, less flexibility. The date and time of drop-off change often, need to be patient and flexible!! Communication usually is only on the day of drop off from transporters! Dont expect an update every day. Traffic, accidents and weather all delay the route and can push back your date and time. 

Disclaimer: Once your hedgehog has been picked up by the transporter or dropped off at the air cargo center, Hedgehog Heaven is no longer responsible in the event of any damages, illness, injuries, or death that could occur during transit. It is known that transport can be stressful for animals. Hedgehog Heaven has no control over what happens to the animal during transport. Once the animal has left our care, Hedgehog Heaven makes no guarantees of the animal's condition when it arrives. We prefer all our buyers to pick up their new pets from us in person. However, if the buyer wishes to choose this transport option, it is at the buyer's own risk. With that being said, we do trust these transporters to do everything in their power to bring your baby safely to you. 

Air Transportation

Air transportation can be a great alternative if you are less flexible and need a set date and time for pick up. This route IS more expensive!! We will do air transportation ONCE a month on weekends!

We will use either Delta Airlines or American Airlines. 

Cost of Air transportation is $295

This includes: 

- Supplies for your hedgehog to safely fly

- Vet appointment for a health certificate

- Air travel fee

⚠️ WEATHER RESTRICTIONS APPLY:  Delta Airlines WILL NOT ship any animals if the temperature exceeds 80 degrees during the time an animal will be in any station during transport. Additional information is available on their website by clicking here.

⚠️ WEATHER RESTRICTIONS APPLY: American Airlines WILL NOT ship any animals if the temperature exceeds 85 degrees including on the ground at origin, transfer, and destination.  

Ground Transportation 

** Please read this full page if you are considering ground transport. Estimated times and dates ARE NOT A GUARANTEE DELIVERY DATE!! Transport length can take anywhere from 2-3 days or up to a week or two! These are NOT direct routes from us to you! Direct routes are VERY expensive and most transporters do not do this because they have other animals on their route that are patiently waiting to get to their homes as well. Our transporters take GREAT care of the animals on the route. Weather, traffic, and accidents all play into pick-up dates and times. Estimated times WILL change. EXPECT THIS. We have full-time jobs outside of our hedgehogs and we have to take the time for the transporters to pick up your baby (yes that means taking a sick or personal day from our other jobs to make sure we are home). We do not control the time of drop-off or pick-up. If you are planning on using transport please be aware of this, be flexible, be patient, and be KIND to our transporters.***


Tipping your ground transporter is always appreciated! 


Ground Transport Policies 

Once your baby is reserved, we will reach out to the pet transporter to get our baby on the next available route via door-to-door ground transport. Routes are nationwide and occur once or twice a month. While we will try to get your baby to you as soon as possible, not all routes travel through every state. Delivery date and time estimates are not guaranteed, as factors such as traffic, construction, and weather conditions can affect actual delivery dates/times. Actual delivery can occur at any time, day, or night. Buyers will be updated with delivery date and time estimate changes, and drivers will contact the buyer directly by the phone number disclosed on our contact form when they are getting close. The buyer or family member/friend must be available at the time the transporter gives you, this could be 1 pm or 2 am! We understand you may have work, if that’s the case you need to find a trusted family member or friend to be available for pick up. Failure to comply with these terms will result in the transporter leaving with the animal. The buyer may choose to cancel the sale or have the animal redelivered at the buyer's expense. Cancellation of the sale will result in NO refunds. It is the buyer's responsibility to be available at the time and date that the transporters are expected to arrive.

Payment for transportation: Transport fees are due at the time you choose your hedgehog (when they are 4-5 weeks old). This way we can reserve your transport spot as soon as we get confirmation that your baby can go on transport. We will send you an invoice once you choose your baby and this fee will be due within 48 hours of choosing your hedgehog or you forfeit your pick. The remaining fee for your hedgehog will be due 48 hours before your hedgehog is scheduled to leave on transport. Your hedgehog will not leave on transport unless full payment is received. 

Ground transport Company and Rates

(Rates are not guaranteed as the transporter can change these at anytime)

All ground transport companies - $200 

Our personal Texas transport - $100

Due to increased gas prices, fees have to be increased. Fees will not change for customers who joined the waiting list or reserved a hedgehog after 5/9/2022

These fees above cover supplies, taxes, and transporter charges. 

Texas Trasport by us (Hedgehog Heaven) - $100 

We offer transport to Katy, TX usually twice a year. Where we personally drive your baby to Texas. Once in June and once in December. When we transport to Katy, Texas the fee is $100. Contact us if you are interested in getting a baby from us during these times and we can provide more information! We will have a July route! July 20th and 24th! 

S&P Pet Transport

Door to Door 

Routes begin on the 15th and 30th of each month. Transporters are wonderful hedgehog breeders and we are excited to be able to offer their services to yall! 

KDs Critter and Transport 

Door to Door transport

To track your hedgehog's transport, buyers need to follow their Facebook page, "On The Road Updates". It is the buyer’s responsibility to view their scheduled estimated arrival times and dates and to keep track of all pertinent schedule changes and updates posted in this group.

Facebook Link: On The Road Updates

Menagerie Express Transport 

Door to Door Transport

It is the buyer’s responsibility to view their scheduled estimated arrival times and dates, as well as to keep track of all pertinent schedule changes and updates posted in this group.

Facebook Link: Menagerie Express Transport

Camryn's Critter Transport 

Door to Door

They will update through text! You can see their upcoming routes on their Facebook page.

Facebook Link: Camryn's Critter Transport