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Ground Transport Information

Ground Transportation 

READ this full page if you are considering ground transport.

How are they shipped/transported?: Our hedgehogs are transported by car. They are driven to their new homes and taken care of every step of the way! The driver/transporter checks on your baby, cleans, feeds and gives water several times a day to make sure your baby arrives healthy and safely. Once your hedgehog has been picked up by the transporter, Hedgehog Heaven is no longer responsible in the event of any damages, illness, injuries, or death that could occur during transit. It is known that transport can be stressful for animals. Hedgehog Heaven has no control over what happens to the animal during transport. Once the animal has left our care, Hedgehog Heaven makes no guarantees of the animal's condition when it arrives. We prefer all our buyers to pick up their new pets from us in person. However, if the buyer wishes to choose this transport option, it is at the buyer's own risk. With that being said, we do trust these transporters with our babies lives. We do NOT take that lightly. We would not allow our animals to be transported if we did not feel it was safe.

Estimated times and dates ARE NOT A GUARANTEE DELIVERY DATE!! Transport length can take anywhere from 2-3 days or up to a week or two! These are NOT direct routes from us to you! Direct routes are VERY expensive and most transporters do not do this because they have other animals on their route that are patiently waiting to get to their homes as well.


Our transporters take GREAT care of the animals on the route. Weather, traffic, and accidents all play into pick-up dates and times. Estimated drop off times WILL change. EXPECT THIS. We understand you may have work during the estimated drop off time OR it may be in early morning hours, if that’s the case you need to find a trusted family member or friend to be available for pick up. We have full-time jobs outside of our hedgehogs and we have to MAKE the time for the transporters to pick up your baby. This means YOU have to MAKE the time as well. Yes, that may means taking a sick or personal from your job to make sure you are available for pick up. Plan accordingly. We do not control the time of drop-off or pick-up. If you are planning on using transport please be aware of this, be flexible, be patient, and be KIND to our transporters.


Tipping your ground transporter is always appreciated!

Not us when we transport your baby, but the company transports :) 


Ground Transport Policies 

Once your baby is reserved, we will reach out to the pet transporter to get our baby on the next available route. We understand you may have work during the estimated drop off time, if that’s the case you need to find a trusted family member or friend to be available for pick up. Failure to comply with these terms will result in the transporter leaving with the animal. The buyer may choose to cancel the sale or have the animal redelivered at the buyer's expense. Cancellation of the sale will result in NO refunds. It is the buyer's responsibility to be available at the time and date that the transporters are expected to arrive.

Payment for transportation: Transport fees are due at the time you reserve your hedgehog or place a waiting list deposit. This way we can reserve your transport spot as soon as the transporter is available. Your hedgehog will not leave on transport unless full payment is received. 

Ground transport Company and Rates

(Rates are not guaranteed as the transporter can change these at any time)

Company transport - Meeting transporter at set location - $100

Hedgehog Heaven -  Alabama transport- $125 

Hedgehog Heaven - AL Bordering States Transport - $150

Company Transport - Door to Door Transport - $225 

These fees above cover supplies, taxes, and transporter charges. 


Meet Transporter - $100

This transportation would require YOU to meet the transporter at a set location and time. This also requires us to do the same. The transporters determine the spot and time, and YOU are required to be there ON TIME. They will wait a set time and then leave. They have to stay on schedule! This transport is cheaper because of this. Which is great! But can also be more inconvenient for some people. If you want transport that is directly to your door or closer to you, please keep reading below. NOTE: With a lower price means no individual updates on your baby during transport. BUT they are wonderful transporters dedicated to getting your family member to you safely. We wouldn't use them if we didn't trust them. 

Alabama Transport by Hedgehog Heaven - $125 

We offer transport to Alabama residents once a month! The date will be determined each month based on the babies' ready dates and our schedule. We would meet at a public location in the closest large city or off the nearest highway.

Alabama Bordering States by Hedgehog Heaven - $150 

We offer transport to residents in LEGAL bordering states. $150 is priced for UP TO 3 HOURS ONE WAY). If you are more than 3 hours from Helena, there is an extra $25 per 30 minutes added (one way)- if you are under 30 minutes but over 3 hours, it will still be an extra $25. Example: 3 hours & 15 mins = $175. The date will be determined each month based on the babies' ready dates and our schedule. We would meet at a public location in your hometown or closest large city.

Door to Door Transport- $225 - their fee and supplies 

Door to Door transport- they pick up directly from us and drop off directly to your home. The schedule would be on THEIR time. They have a set schedule to follow to make sure they get to everyone on time. They will NOT be able to wait for you or schedule around your time. It is your responsibility to make sure someone is home when the drivers are expected to arrive. 

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