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Our Story

Edit: Our sweet Tonto has crossed over the rainbow bridge, finally reunited with Annie.

They will both hold a special place in our hearts and will forever be missed. 

Tonto 9.18.2016

Annie 5.12.2013


We started our journey in Houston, TX. We purchased our first hedgehog, Tonto, from a breeder roughly 7 hours away from Houston, Texas. Our second hedgehog, Annie, was from a pet store in Houston, Texas, a little over a year later. We didn’t get the chance to know Annie for very long, but we loved her.

 Very shortly after we got Annie~ maybe 24/48 hours later~ she started showing signs of illness. She was rushed to our vet, and he gave us antibiotics to treat her with. Unfortunately, she was too young to fight off her illness. Shortly after her diagnosis, she died in my hands. It was a horrific experience, and we were frustrated and confused. To make matters worse, Tonto seemed to have caught her illness. Thankfully, he was able to overcome the illness with around-the-clock care and attention for several weeks.

We buried Annie in our yard and called the pet store that we got her from. They asked us to bring Annie into the store so they could examine her and for proof. We did understand that they needed proof of her death. We came in the following day with Annie, who we had to painfully dig up from her resting place. They proceed to tell us that this had never had this happen before and offered to have the manager call us when she was back in the store. So we left, WITH Annie and reburied her in her resting place. The pet store manager called us and proceeded to tell me that it was my fault and she told us that when she came back to the store, she examined Annie's body and saw no signs of any illness. She told us this right after we had just reburied Annie in our yard. They never had any possession of her body at any time. The lady was tongue-tied when I went off on her, calling her out on her absolute lie. 

 Since then, we decided to sell healthy hedgehogs in hopes that no one will have to go through what we went through with this well known exotic pet store in Houston, Texas. We do NOT breed our hedgehogs for a living. We breed our hedgehogs about two, or three, times before retiring them to new homes.

These are our pets and not our means of income.


Below you will find pictures of our sweet Annie. She will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are saddened that her life was cut short, but we are grateful that she showed us a whole new world of hedgehogs. Tonto passed in 2016, leaving a huge hole in our hearts, but we will always be thankful for all the wonderful memories we had with him. 

We know Annie and Tonto are smiling down on us in hedgehog heaven.

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