Waiting List

Our Waiting List is OPEN!

Please note: All of our babies that are ready before christmas/in time for Christmas have been reserved. Our current babies in the nest will be ready the week of Jan 4th :) 

Pick up in Helena, AL, or ground shipping is available!


Choosing a hedgehog goes in order the deposit was received.


Please be advised, you may be waiting several months for a hedgehog with your exact colors and desires. Just because you'd like a certain color, does not mean that color will come available soon. We try to predict what color the litter will be, but that doesn't mean we WILL have that color in the litter. We have no control over how many babies will be born in a litter. Hedgehogs tend to have 3-4 hoglets in a litter, but that can vary from 1-8 babies. We will do everything we can to get you your perfect baby, but this will require you to be patient :) 

Our hedgehogs come FIRST. If a litter is not successful then this could extend your wait time by several months. We will NEVER breed a female that is not ready or has not had enough rest just to get you a baby faster. OUR HEDGEHOGS COME FIRST, not you. 

To reserve a spot on the waiting list there is a nonrefundable $50 deposit that can be placed below. Please fill out the contact form then it will prompt you to pay the deposit. This is equivalent to the deposit you would pay to reserve a baby that would be available now. The $50 credits towards the total price of the hedgehog and is not a separate fee. If you decide the wait is too long or you found a hedgehog somewhere else you will not get this deposit back. There is a $4 service fee that the card company and Paypal charge and this will not credit towards the price of your hedgehog. 

Expected Timeline - If all goes to plan...

This whole process, if everything goes to plan, will take approximately 3 months.

Granted, we likely will have babies in the nest or already paired females when you contact us and this would cut down your wait time! 

  • Breeding pairs are together for one week. 

  • IF that breeding was successful (it isn't always), then a hedgehog's gestation is 35-50 days

  • Once babies are born, we will not disturb the mother for two weeks. 

  • At two weeks old, we will get genders, headcount, and first pictures of the babies. We will update you once a week with updated pictures of all the babies after this. 

  • At four to five weeks old, you will get to choose your baby. We will then update you weekly on just your baby. 

  • At seven to eight weeks old, your baby can leave us on transport or for in-person pickup. Babies must be at least 200 grams before leaving us. 

 You are able to say you want to wait for the next litter at any point in this process!

You are not obligated to choose a baby from a litter you have been updated on.

If you have any questions please contact us!

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have! 

Once you place a deposit we will contact you shortly! Please give us at least 24 hours to respond. If you do not hear from us after 24 hours then please contact us so we can make sure the payment went through! If you are viewing this page on a mobile phone the list may be distorted. For the best experience please view on a computer.

For an estimated price on different colorations please refer to our PRICE GUIDE page. 

Payment Timeline

Transport Fees- transport fees are due when you choose your hedgehog around 4-5 weeks old. This is to avoid any delays with getting your hedgehog on transport as soon as he/she is ready! 


Remaining fee for your hedgehog-

For people needing transport: the remaining payment is due when your hedgehog turns 7 weeks old or before it leaves on transport, whichever comes first. We will still update you on your baby weekly until your hedgehog is picked up on transport! Read our policies for further information on the remaining fee and your options. 

In-person pick up: the remaining payment is due when you pick up your hedgehog. Pick-up should be scheduled within 7 days of your hedgehog ready date. If your hedgehog is not picked up in 7 days then your hedgehog needs to be paid in full for us to continue holding your hedgehog until you can pick up. 

** Breeders or want to be breeders: please contact us BEFORE you place a deposit to be on the waiting list. We will ask you a few questions before approving you to be on our waiting list. 

Waiting List Deposit 

Fill out the contact form and click the "Proceed to Check Out" to reserve a spot on the waiting list! We will contact you shortly!  If you do not want to place a deposit at this time, but would like more information then please contact us on our "Contact" page! 


Thank you! We will contact you shortly!


Waitlisters with a spot in our current litters.

(May revert to the active waiting list if they do not choose a baby from the current litters.) 

Hedgehog Heaven - We have the right to retain babies for our herd.    

- Branch M.               AL          01/26/2021*

- Taylor D.                 AL          05/02/2021- dark litters 

- Sarah W.                  MI         05/27/2021*

- Austin P.                  AL          07/01/2021*

- Cynthia O.               AL         08/14/2021 (Summer 2022) 

- Richard N.              MS         Christmas in July Promotion

- Ashlee N.                AL          Christmas in July Promotion 

- Ana D.                     TX          09/10/2021 Texas Transport

- Taylor M.                AL          09/25/2021

- Miranda K.            MA          10/03/2021

- Lucia P.                  NM          10/03/2021 *Male*

- Morgan S.                              10/10/2021

- Kristen S.               TX           10/29/2021

- Elisabeth W.          TX           11/12/2021

- Erika H.                  AL          11/23/2021 (Summer 2022) 

- Miranda K.           MA           11/29/2021




People who have chosen their baby and waiting for transport or to pick up.

All babies are in their new homes at this time! 

- Ashlee N,            AL        Lilith 

- Logan C.             TN        Lenny 

- McKenna G.       AL        Livi 

- Patricia M.         TX        Linus 

- Tiffany A.           AL       Liam