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Frequently Asked Question's

For more detailed information read the hedgehog care page! 

Updated: 1/14/2022

How much do your hedgehogs cost? 

Our hedgehog's prices vary based on temperate and coloration. Check out our "Available Hedgehogs" page and see the past babies sold that interest you. The prices listed next to them are what you should expect the coloration to be priced at. Adults are priced lower due to age. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Helena, AL! 

When can my baby come home with me?

Your baby can go home with you when they reach 200 grams! This is roughly 7-8 weeks old. We do this to ensure your baby is healthy and eating well on his/her own. 


Do you allow people to visit your hedgehogs?

We are not a pet store, we do not allow people to come to our home to handle our hedgehogs. This is for our safety and our hedgehog's safety. Disease and parasites can easily be transferred and we do not want to jeopardize our hedgehog's health by allowing strangers into our home. 

We do not breed hedgehogs for a living. Our hedgehogs are not our "financial assets". We have constant and open communication with all of our customers. If you want to meet a hedgehog in person to make sure they are the right pet for you, we would recommend going to a pet store that sells hedgehogs. You can contact us and we can try to arrange a meeting place/ time for you to meet one of our hedgehogs. But we do have a full-time job outside of this. We are not available 24/7 to meet due to our jobs. We also cannot hold a baby for you unless a deposit has been placed. We apologize for any inconvenience! 


Do hedgehog quills hurt?

Yes and no. If this is your first hedgehog then yes, it will hurt. It takes time to get used to your baby's quills. They don't normally cause you to draw blood, but it does feel like you pricked yourself with a needle. It can be a little surprising when you get your first poke, but you will get used to it and once your baby is used to you and its surroundings, you won't get poked so much :)


Do they travel well?

Yes, very well! For the most part, they will sleep for the whole ride. It is always recommended to have a carrier of some type while traveling. Be safe :) They can get car sick! 


Do hedgehogs make good pets?

Yes. they can make great pets! BUT they are exotic animals. They don't seek out your attention to be loved and played with. They have their natural instincts to ball up and huff and puff (Literally!). You have to be patient with them. They need time to get used to you. Once they do, they can form a lifelong bond with you. 


Is there a difference between a boy and a girl?

No, Not at all! There is no difference in a male or female hedgehog. I've had extremely sweet males and females and shy males and females. It all depends on the hedgehog, not the gender.


What do you feed your hedgehogs?

We are currently using Purina All Natural Cat food for our Adult hedgehogs. Our babies are fed Purina one kitten food.  

What is the best kind of cage?

Please refer to our hedgehog care page for more information. 

What is the best kind of bedding?

Please refer to our hedgehog care page for more information. 

Do they need baths?

Hedgehogs are like cats and take care of cleaning themselves. If your hedgehog gets dirty and is unable to clean itself then you can give him/her a bath using warm water, a toothbrush, and mild baby or puppy shampoo. Be sure to keep your hedgehog warm until fully dry. 

Do they do well in pairs?

Hedgehogs can live fully happy lives as solitary creatures. If you do want a second hedgehog it is recommended to get 2 females or have them in separate cages. Males can fight for dominance and territory if housed together.

Do they require Vaccinations?

How often do they need to go to the vet?

No vaccinations are needed. We recommend a vet visit at least once a year for a check-up. Otherwise, they do not need to go to the vet unless he/she is sick or injured. 






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