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Our Policies have been updated on 7/17/2021

What's Included:

 All babies at Hedgehog Heaven come with:

     -  Lifetime Warranty Against WHS

     -  Lifetime support 

     -  6 Month Congenital Health Disease Guarantee

     -  Starter food

*Pedigree paperwork is NOT given out to PET home hedgehogs. This is to ensure that irresponsible breeding of our hedgehogs does not take place and to protect our hedgehog's lines/genetics that we work so hard to keep healthy. 


Pricing information

Our hedgehogs are usually $250 - $300, but the price can be raised for rare markings or colors. Hedgehog Heaven does not finalize prices until babies are 4-5 weeks old. 

Transport fees are due when you reserve your hedgehog! This is to avoid any delays in our booking transport for your hedgehog. 

For in-person pickup, the remaining payment on your hedgehog is due at pick-up.


For out-of-state owners, the remaining payment of your hedgehog is due 3 days before they leave on transport. We are happy to work with you though so if you are getting transport and need to pay on a different schedule, please contact us for other options! The remaining payment needs to be received BEFORE your hedgehog can leave on transport. 

Payment is to be paid with cash for in-person pick-up.

No checks or money orders will be accepted.


We are no longer accepting PayPal. We accept credit card payments or Venmo for out-of-state owners and deposits. Deposits and transport fees can be placed through a credit card or Venmo on the available hedgehog page. We accept cash at pick-up for in-person pick-ups. 

NOTE: To reserve a baby, there is a 53-dollar NON- REFUNDABLE deposit. This will credit towards the price of your hedgehog and is non-refundable. $3 of this deposit is a service fee and does not credit towards your hedgehog's overall price.

We do not guarantee the color of any hedgehog as their colors can change.




We offer to board at $5 a day. We supply the cage, wheel, hut, bowls, etc. All you have to bring is your hedgehog, transportation bag (carrier, shoebox), and food. If you'd like us to supply the food then there will be a $2 upcharge ($7 a day). The charge is by the day, from the drop-off date to the pickup date. Your hedgehog will get a spa treatment before going home ~ bath and nail trim!

While we strive to achieve a safe environment for our guests at Hedgehog Heaven, we cannot predict accidents, injuries, illnesses, or changes in behavior.  By bringing your hedgehog to Hedgehog Heaven, you accept these risks and you release Hedgehog Heaven from all liability arising from the occurrence of such events during boarding. 

Just as when you send a child to school, hedgehogs can get colds, coughs, stomach bugs, and other diseases. Your child’s school does not pay for doctor’s visits when your child is injured or becomes sick, Hedgehog Heaven does not pay for vet bills if your hedgehog becomes sick or is injured while with us. On the off chance that your hedgehog does get sick or injured, we will immediately contact you to discuss your options. If you decide that a vet visit is needed, we will bring your hedgehog to our vet, but you will have to contact the vet office with your payment method before the scheduled appointment. 

Pick-up and Transport

All baby hedgehogs are weaned and ready to go around 7-8 weeks old, this depends on the size of the litter and the hedgehog's weight. All hedgehogs will come with a small baggie of starter food. 

We are located in Helena, AL.

***** Transport out of state is available!!*****

In-person pickup: We will coordinate a pickup date and time with you once a deposit has been placed or when you pick up your baby. You will need to provide your carrier or box for your baby to go home in! Your hedgehog must be picked up within 7 days of the ready date or your hedgehog's remaining fee needs to be paid in full for us to continue holding your hedgehog until you can pick him/her up. If you cannot pick up your hedgehog within 7 days then your hedgehog must be paid in full to be held for longer. You must be in contact with us to arrange a pickup time and day. We have the right to refuse to sell one of our babies to anyone due to lack of communication or other circumstances that we notice could pose an issue to our babies' future! 

Health Guarantee and Warranty

Your hedgehog is guaranteed to be in good health, free of disease, and parasites at the time of purchase to the best of our knowledge. As a future pet owner, it is your responsibility to be financially stable to care for a pet if it becomes ill or injured. If you don’t think you could provide for your new pet in its time of need, then a pet is not for you!

We will occasionally have juvenile and adult hedgehogs up for adoption as we retire them from our breeding herd. These older hedgehogs are not always bred by us and therefore do not come with Hedgehog Heaven health guarantees unless they were born here!

We have a Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome lifetime warranty for babies born at Hedgehog Heaven. We do our best to keep this genetic disease out of our lines by only purchasing pedigree hedgehogs with a lineage that has never presented this disease. PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER. 

DISCLAIMER: Some breeders will put WHS Free or WHS guarantee and honestly, that can be confusing for new owners. This gives you the idea that this breeder guarantees that your hedgehog won't get WHS. Although we strive to never have WHS in our lines, it's not something a breeder can guarantee with 100% certainty. We do our absolute best to eliminate this disease from our lines through pedigree tracking. Our warranty is a guarantee that we will replace your hedgehog if your hedgehog does develop this disease. We understand we could never replace a family member, but we will try to ease your loss with a new baby to love (free of charge and when you are ready) and we will discontinue breeding the parents of the baby that contracted WHS. 


This warranty is only valid if you have documentation that a certified exotic veterinarian performed a necropsy and there is proof that the hedgehog died of WHS. WHS can only be confirmed AFTER the death of the hedgehog. WHS makes lesions on the brain that can be seen when the necropsy is performed. Proof that the owner provided veterinary care and contacted Hedgehog Heaven when the issue first presented itself is required. Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome CANNOT be confirmed (only suspected) while the hedgehog is alive. 


* If your hedgehog starts to wobble or lose the use of a leg that does not mean it is WHS. WHS does NOT happen overnight or "suddenly". It progresses over many months, not days. Consult a hedgehog savy veterinarian if these signs present themselves. Lots of vets immediately think WHS and that can be detrimental to the health of your hedgehog if something else is going on and it's not being treated properly. It's important to have a vet that will look at all options and not default to WHS. Signs of wobbliness are usually signs of your hedgehog getting a cold/hibernation or a possible ear infection. Sudden loss of movement of limbs can be from a stroke, cancer, or injury. WHS usually presents itself between 6 months and 2 years of age. WHS can not be confirmed while a hedgehog is alive, make sure you and your vet run through all the possibilities to make sure your hedgehog is getting treated properly if wobbliness and/or loss of motor skills occur. 

If your hedgehog dies of any other genetic problem within 60 days of purchase, we will replace your hedgehog at equal value (with a necropsy performed to provide proof of no neglect and proof of genetic issue is provided). All cost of veterinary expenses is paid for by the owner, not Hedgehog Heaven. This warranty is only valid if you have documentation that a certified exotic veterinarian performed a necropsy and there is proof that the hedgehog died because of a congenital problem. Proof that the owner provided veterinary care and contacted Hedgehog Heaven when the issue first presented itself is required. Pictures of the deceased hedgehog are required, along with full colors and markings in the necropsy report.

This guarantee does NOT apply to accidental death or injury; any treatable or communicable diseases; illness or injury due to improper care or diet; or anything caused by negligence or abuse. This guarantee also does not apply to any faults or defects that were disclosed at the time of purchase. 

All veterinarian fees are at the owner's expense.

Hedgehog Heaven is not responsible for any veterinary costs.


After picking up your hedgehog, you have a 7 daytime period to take your hedgehog to a veterinarian. (We do not bring the babies to the vet before pick up unless we see something that would pose an issue and we will notify you as soon as we see an issue on your reserved hedgehog.) If the vet confirms an illness or parasite during the 7 days then Hedgehog Heaven will take the hedgehog back to be treated by our vet. After the hedgehog is healthy it will be returned to you. Initial vet costs are on the owner. We will not pay for treatment at your vet, treatment is ONLY paid for at our trusted vet. This warranty is only valid if you have documentation of a vet appointment in these 7 days. If the vet confirms that your hedgehog is ill and the illness is clearly from Hedgehog Heaven and you went to the vet in those 7 days, then we will take your baby back and get it treated at our vet. 

Health guarantee DOES NOT include mites. We treat our adult hedgehogs with kitten revolution once a month for mite control. Babies are not treated due to them being too small and young for this medication. We guarantee your hedgehog will be free of mites due to our preventative care. Mites can be picked up from anything you have purchased at a pet store. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is known that transport can be stressful for animals. Hedgehog Heaven has no control over what happens to the animal during transport. Once the animal has left our care, Hedgehog Heaven makes no guarantees of the animal's condition when it arrives. We prefer all our buyers to pick up their new pets from us in person. However, if the buyer still wishes to choose this transport option, it is at the buyer's own risk. 


Please don't hesitate to return a hedgehog to us if you can not provide care for it during any stage of its life. If you do find a problem that could be a genetic issue, please let us know so we can get our hedgehogs checked out. We would never intentionally sell a sick hedgehog. If you find something, please contact us. The only way we know if our babies have an illness or genetic issue is if you contact us. 


Waiting List

We offer a waiting list. For more information please go to the "Waiting List' tab. 

Return Policy

No refunds are given outside of the sick policy. No exceptions. It is your responsibility to do your research on owning a hedgehog before purchasing one from us. If the reason you are returning a hedgehog (outside 7 daysriod stated above) and you do not have the funds to take the hedgehog to the vet then there will be NO refund. When owning a pet, to be a responsible owner is to know if you have the funds to care for a new animal in your home BEFORE purchasing any animal. At some point in any animal's life, it will get sick. Just like you, there's no avoiding getting sick for your whole life. Be prepared by having funds saved up to care for your pet if and when it gets a case of the sniffles. 


We will not refund or replace a hedgehog at any time if something happens to it due to negligence, injury, or improper diet. We will ALWAYS take back one of our babies no matter what, but you won't be issued a refund if it was due to one of those reasons. 






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