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Christmas in July *SALE*


Are you thinking of getting a loved one or yourself a hedgehog this Christmas? Well now is the best time to prepare! 


Our Christmas in July sale allows you to join our exclusive Christmas litter waiting list with no financial commitment! Our $50 deposit will be waved, BUT will still be credited towards your future hedgehog!  

*** Our hedgehogs are normally priced around $250-350. This promotion is $50 off the total price of our hedgehog!*** Please review our Price Guide for estimated prices based on coloration! If you need shipping please review our Shipping Page for transport prices and more information!

Discount includes: 

- $50 waved waiting list fee ($50 off the future price of your hedgehog) 

- No obligation - you can back out at any time if you decided you don't want a hedgehog

- No upfront payment and lots of hedgehog love as a reward! 


Also included with every hedgehog: 

- Lifetime guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome

- Lifetime support

- 6-month congenital health disease guarantee

- Starter food and welcome home care guide

Our Christmas litters will be paired in September and October. Babies will be born in October and November and will be ready for their new homes just in time for Christmas! This sale only credits towards our Christmas litters! It will not be applied to babies available now or before our Christmas litters are born. 

Pick-up will be held in Birmingham, AL, and Houston, TX! Pick up in Birmingham, AL can be arranged for a few days before Christmas or after. Pick up in Houston, TX can be arranged for before, after, or on Christmas day or eve. Houston transport would be done by us and travel fees for Texas transport is on our shipping page!


Transport can be arranged for anywhere in the United States! (Please refer to our shipping page for more information on transport). **We will do everything we can to get your baby to you in time for Christmas, but weather, traffic, and other issues can cause delays. We can not guarantee your hedgehog to arrive on or before Christmas Day, but can provide many pictures to surprise your loved one with the perfect present! The time and date of delivery depend on the transporter's routes, weather, and traffic delays.**

Payment Timeline

Transport Fees- transport fees are due when you choose your hedgehog around 4-5 weeks old. This is to avoid any delays with getting your hedgehog on transport as soon as he/she is ready! 


Remaining fee for your hedgehog-

For people needing transport: the remaining payment is due when your hedgehog turns 7 weeks old or before it leaves on transport, whichever comes first. We will still update you on your baby weekly until your hedgehog is picked up on transport! Read our policies for further information on the remaining fee and your options. 

In-person pick up: the remaining payment is due when you pick up your hedgehog. Pick-up should be scheduled within 7 days of your hedgehog ready date. If your hedgehog is not picked up in 7 days then your hedgehog needs to be paid in full for us to continue holding your hedgehog until you can pick up. 

Ready to get on the waiting list or want more information? Fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch with you soon!

**The information you provide on the contact form will not be shared with anyone, but the transporters when the time comes. This helps us determine where we will need transport and how to get in touch with you in the future!*** 

Christmas Litters Contact Form

Thanks for submitting!

We will contact you soon! 

Christmas Waiting List
Updated: 7/23/21

1. Amber
2. Logan - Tennessee 
3. Brielle
4. Keyala
5. Elizabeth
6. Sydney
7. Richard N. 
8. Shelby 
9. Loana R. - Florida
10. Cora G. - South Carolina 
11. Paisley 
12. Ashlee D. - Alabama pick up
13. Kennadie - Washington
14. Ashley G. - Alabama pick up
15. Bre'anna- Florida 
16. David C.- Texas
17. McKenna G. - AL pick up
18. Rosa R. - AL pick up
19. Emily C. - Texas 

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