Price Guide

These are the starting prices for our hedgehogs and can go up depending on unique colors or markings. The average price for a baby is around $250-350.

This guide should give you an idea of what to expect for certain colorations. 


Salt and Pepper/ Grey
$250- 275
Salt and pepper hedgehogs are so cute with their little masks  :) 
Price can vary with how
dark or light they are.
Darker babies are priced higher.
Reverse Pinto
$250- 275
Reverse pintos usually have no mask, but they can have facial markings. They have the appearance of being primarily white with color spots.
Algerian Blacks
$300- 400
Jet black markings, quills are black and usually have dark markings on their legs and feet.
Black Eyed Whites


Black eyed whites are VERY rare. They are a GORGEOUS white with black eyes. A lot of breeders have never produced a black eyed white or very few. 


Can raise the price

Pinto coloring can vary from low to high pinto. High pintos can be priced higher than others depending on the variation. Below is an example of a high pinto and a low pinto pattern


Split face

$350- 450

This is where the mask is split in half. One side is colored and the other is white. The price depends on the markings. Price can rise depending on the pattern of the mask.



Price can rise depending on the variation in color. Cinnamon can vary from a standard coloring like our Willow in the picture below to an apricot coloring.  



Algerian Brown


Dark brown markings on legs, feet and face. Very similar to Algerian blacks just brown.



These are all white

with red eyes.

Unique Markings

Raises Price

Unique markings examples: full mask, pinto mask, blaze mask, eyeliner, mismatch ears, badger strips, freckling on the legs; all can add to the price.