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Memorial Day SALE!

$100 OFF any available hedgehogs! 

We have drastically reduced our herd and only plan on having a small herd of 5-6 hedgehogs at a time. This is due to things going on in our lives and for our hedgies to be provided the best care possible while socializing the babies properly. Please note this means we will have fewer litters a year.

Quality over Quantity is everything to us.

We are located in Helena, Alabama! Our hedgehogs are members of our family and their needs always come first. Our priority is to breed healthy, friendly hedgehogs for the public.
We do not sell wholesale. 
We offer transport all over the United States and can get your hedgehog to you no matter where you are! Review our transport page for more information. 
Check out our herd and our story page to meet our hedgies and learn more about why we started breeding back in 2013!
Hedgehogs are pokey, huffy, and puffy critters, but with time, love, and care, they will become valued family members! Please contact us with any questions!
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