Check List

This is a general recommended check list of what you need for your hedgehog before your baby goes home with you!
For more detailed information go to the "Hedgehog Care" page or click on this link for a detailed care guide 


  • Large guinea pig cage, large plastic storage container, or C&C cage

    •  Do NOT use a cage with wire flooring or cages with levels

  • Water bowl or bottle

  • Food bowl

  • 12" Wheel

    • No wire wheels and nothing smaller than 12". Smaller wheels can cause major damage as the hedgehog matures.

  • Hut/ Hideaway

  • Litter pan (optional)

  • Bedding or fleece For fleece check out here:

    •   Do not use CEDAR shavings. They are toxic and can cause respiratory problems for your baby. The type of shavings is your preference; fleece, paper, or aspen wood shavings. We prefer fleece or paper bedding

  • Food

    •    We use Purina All Natural Cat food, you can find it at almost any store. You're welcome to use anything you'd like! We will give you a small baggie of food at pick up so you can transition your baby onto different food. 

  • Treats 

    •  Mealworms, wax worms, fruit, and veggies.

Pick Up:

  • Carrier 

    •  Anything that will contain your baby on the drive home. Shoebox, cat carrier etc.. 

  • Remaining fee (Cash)

    •   Please bring the exact amount in cash. We do not carry extra change. You may pay before pick up with a credit card. NO CHECKS.

  • Questions

    • We will be happy to answer any questions you have! Come with any questions you have and we will be happy to answer them!